About Us

Nursal Makina was founded by Mechanical Engineer Salih Agridag in 2014. We are serving in Kısık Industrial Zone that is founded on 50000 sqm in which we have many suppliers for raw material & cutting, machining and coating operations.

Our aim is providing high quality welded sheet metal construction parts & provide solutions to our customers that have different specialization areas. Nursal Makina Since the day it was founded, it has been manufacturing by using modern manufacturing techniques and trying to leave a low carbon footprint for respectfully to nature and human.In a short time like two years, we have accomplished to have many customers in different industries such as Automotive, Textile, Casting, Food and Medical.In addition to our domestic customers, Nursal Makina exports to companies located in Europe such as Switzerland,England, Germany, Belgium. We always strive to provide high quality products in the required time limit at the best cost possible.

Our target sectors are

  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Casting
  • Medical
  • Food
  • Agriculture
  • Heavy Industry


Our core business is

  • Welding (MIG/MAG, TIG/WIG, Electric Arc)
  • Laser & plasma cutting, bending, folding and fabrication
  • Pipe/Profile cutting, bending and forming
  • Structural steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Thermoplastics
  • 4 axis CNC Milling, CNC Turning
  • Wet Painting (Epoxy 2K,MIOx,PUR)
  • ElectroStatic Powder coating (Epoxy, PU, Polyester)
  • Electrozinc Galvanisation, Hot dip galvanisation, Acid Pickling
  • Assembly
  • Design and Engineering (CAD / CAM / CAE)